Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Big Apple here I come

Leaving on a train for New York early tomorrow. Have to get in early to see a few media people and then I am going out in a kayak with the good folks at Manhattan Kayak Company ( to check out the Hudson River before my swim on Friday. It is always good to get a feel for the currents and temperature of the water. Being in the kayak, and studying the river maps and tide charts, will help me plot my swim course.

Had great talk with a young woman, by the name of Connie Bennett, who has authored a book called Sugar Shock. She also has a terrific blog called Sugar Shock Blog. One of the great things about planning these events is meeting and talking with people who are dedicated to helping others make healthy lifestyle changes. And it always helps to get encouragement when sometimes I wonder if my event will really generate enough press to spread the word about diabetes prevention. Luckily I meet great people along the way who help keep me motivated as I try to motivate others.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

One down!

The biggest worry This morning was whether I needed a traffic cop to help me get across the Potomac.

As a proud alumni of Redwood High School Home of the West Coasts finest crew teams. It would just be my luck to get run over by the George Washington University Women's crew team on my way to swim handcuffed across the Potomac.

It was a warm morning and after floating off TR Island for twenty minutes we took off. Floating for twenty minutes in the openwater is not something we West Coast swimmers are use to. The water was very warm.

With dozens of crew teams racing past us I started my handcuffed swim to Georgetown. I as guided by the lovely and able Kayak Cara. Sorry guys she is engaged. Cara kept me from getting run over by the sculls and Eights that cover the Potomac at 7am.

The swim was quick and easy. I was met by the Escape from Diabetes cheerleaders known only as Lois Lane, the Polish Princess and Heaven on Earth.

DC coordinator Earthmother Neill was snapping away on the camera and tackling passersby to stop and cheer.

To all who waved me on I say thank you.

i am off to Philadelphia to swim the Delaware. I would have pictures but I am by myself and can barely type with out destroying this computer. We all have our own skills. Mine is floating in the water handcuffed and yelling out loud.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Tomorrow we swim!

I have not updated my blog in quite a while. I fly out to Washington on Wednesday to try and drum up some extra interest in the Escape from Diabetes swims.

A lot has happened since I left California. One thing that happened on the way out was that half way through the flight I woke up. That in itself was unusual. The funny part was I flipped on the TV. Jetblue, got to love the v in the seat thing. Espn classic had an old Jack Lalanne show. Must of been from the 60's. Yet it was perfect here I was fly to DC, Philly, and NY to Swim handcuffed and the king of fitness was doing his thing in his prime. Just Jack and his chair. Yet as much money, research, and books and nonsense that has been put out in the last forty years all that he was doing on a simple 6X6 stage was as true now as it was then. Every now and then he would take his finger and wipe away a little sweat. You knew he was sweating and that he believed in what he was doing. It was motivating to see the master at work.

Tomorrow is the Washington DC swim. From Theodore Roosevelt Island to Georgetown's Washington Harbor. Washington Harbour is at the foot of Thomas Jefferson St. And K St.

Met a great guy today. I never check luggage when I fly so there was no way to fly with handcuffs. I called the local Police supply shop in Washington. Asked for the owner and told him my story. He offered to donate cuffs for the swim. So there I am at Washington Police Supply this afternoon. Jennie the nice young lady who works there told me that they had sold all the cuffs that day. I was a little nervous. The hook for this thing was that I swim handcuffed. Luckily Greg Skenderis the owner of Washington Police supply was downstairs at his families restaurant Zorba's Cafe He gave me his personal pair of cuffs. Greg saved the day for me. Thanks to Greg and Jennie I will be cuffed with a fine pair of Peerless handcuffs

I hope to see a pretty big group there.

had a little problem in Baltimore. Due to some scheduling conflicts the swim in Baltimore's Inner Harbor had to be rescheduled. It was a lowdown but the City of Baltimore was great about it. We are planning something bigger for later in the year.

Philadelphia is on Wednesday and then Thursday is the Big Apple. I hope to have a big response in both cities.

If you are in any of those cities it would be great if you could come out and cheer me on. will have all the locations.

Got to get some rest. I swim at 7AM.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

They heard about Escape from Diabetes in Germany

I will write again after I swim this evening. It is getting quite exciting. Just received final approval from City of Baltimore. I am set for all four cities next week. Washington 9/20, Philadelphia 9/21, Baltimore 9/22, New York 9/23. All swims shall finish at 8am. Check out my website for locations. Please come on out to support Escape from Diabetes. Cheer me on, maybe offer up a warm towel after the swim.

I just received a very nice email from a young mother in German wishing me well. This is getting worldwide exposure. I am just so excited to see that people are inetested. Got run. Time to hit the Beach

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nobody ever drowned in sweat!

Just finished swimming. Saw a little of the NFL's first weekend. Reminds me of the advantage of exercising using your body weight rather than weights in a gym. What use to be called calisthenics? Yes, I did have to use spell check to spell calisthenics. With these exercises we incorporate more of our body’s muscles into the exercise. Compare a pushup to the bench press at a gym. In what normal endeavor do you in your daily life lie down on your back and push something in the air? But, you’re always going to be getting up off the ground using your whole body. You don't use your legs, your toes, and your pelvis muscle in concert with your upper body with a bench press. Pushups the greatest full body exercise ever. It has been around for since man started walking upright. Since the first caveman lay down on his belly to hunt for his families supper we have been pushing up off the ground. Whew glad that diatribe is over.

Back to swimming in handcuffs. Something I definitely don't recommend anyone does. But it grabs headlines. There is always the chance that I won't make it. Man found floating in Hudson! Swimcap and handcuffs!

Swam off of Tiburon for 30 minutes. The local bike riders were lined up at the coffee shop to caffeinate and exchange spandex cleaning recipes. Funny that you would ride a bike for two hours then throw a croissant and Latté down your throat.

Today’s entry is getting kind of bossy. I like that. Here is the deal people. Good healthy is a blessing and the majority of us have been not been working on our blessings. Forget the latest fad diet, the newest exercise. The most innovative exercise regime just discovered. It is all nonsense. Old fashioned sweat coupled with good quality fresh food (that means it doesn’t come in a package) eaten in moderation is all you need. People ask me. What should I do at the gym? I say,"Sweat! Lift until you can't lift anymore". That isn't what they want to hear. Here in the Bay Area people wake up early to drive to the gym, so that they can get on a Stairmaster for an hour. Insanity! Why not get up and walk to the top of Mount Tamalpais, Grizzly Peak, or Mount Diablo. Swim in the Bay. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. It's all there for us. We are shriveling up and wasting away. Strenuous exercise with healthy foods is all you need. I am hopping of my soapbox now. I didn't do enough pushups I still have to much energy.

Here is a thought. Start today. Any form of exercise will do. Start walking right now. How fast? If you aren't sweating you aren't working Sweat is mother natures way of telling us we are moving in the right direction.
The first time I heard this quote was May 1981. It is as true today as it ever was.
"Nobody ever drowned in sweat!"

Saturday, September 10, 2005

One of my favorite quote's

"It is not the critic that counts... The credit belongs to the man in the arena... who strives valiantly, who errs and often comes up short again and again... who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat..." Theodore Roosevelt

Friday, September 09, 2005

Gotten all my permits. Working on getting boats to pilot me across the waterways. I am getting very close less than two weeks to go.

Swim was awesome last night. I swam the loop inside Aquatic Park in SF. 30 Minutes handcuffed. That was what I was doing last year right before I swam from Alcatraz. So my speed is about where it needs to be. I feel good no fatigue this morning. The water is getting colder. That probably won't be as much of a factor on the East Coast. Feeling good helps me know that I won't have a problem swimming four days in a row. Just hope my wrists don't chafe under the handcuffs. That reminds me I have to find a place in Washington DC to get some cuffs. Can't borrow any handcuffs here. Don't think that they are something that would get through security. Too many jokes there to even try.

Feeling like I am ready. Need to set up the Media coverage. Last year I had multiple print and TV coverage. I am going to do the same. I wonder Katie Couric has a Friday morning free to talk to a handcuffed man soaking wet from the Hudson. Funny last time any won to the water journey to New York was over hundred years ago. They didn't speak English and ended up in a tenement in the Bronx with no heat. But, at least they were smart enough to use a boat and not swim!
I of course am talking about my Grandfather and Great Grandparents. They all had diabetes later on life. My Grandfather had his legs amputated because of the disease. That still happens to thousands of Americans today. That’s why I am swimming. I am having a great time planning and training for this. But I can't lose sight of the fact that Children are now getting the same disease that my Grandfather got in his 60's.

TIME TO SWEAT! Hope you are going to sweat today! It's the only way to Escape from Diabetes.