Saturday, August 20, 2005

We start today!

Just made reservations for my East Coast trip this weekend. Need to find someone to pay for this trip next time. I have a place to stay in Washington DC. Old friend is letting me crash at her place. Still looking for place to stay in NY.
So I believe it is time to start training. I hope the old muscles are ready to make four swims in four days. "The body obeys what the mind commands." Hey I like that. wonder if it is original.

Wait a minute. You have no idea what this is all about, do you? Let me back track. My name is Brian. I have poor english skills. Product of California schools in the 70's. But I have the ability to swim handcuffed for miles at a time. Now you might ask yourself. "Self what is this skill useful for." Well let me tell you. It's great for getting people to pay attention to the epidemic of the twenty first century. DIABETES!

We are killing ourselves and even worse we are killing our children. I will hit you with statistics in later postings. But bear with me for a second. One out of three children born this year will develop Type 2 Diabetes. This was a disease for old people only a generation ago.

I swim handcuffed to raise $$ and public awareness to the epidemic of Diabetes.


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