Monday, August 22, 2005

I can't believe it. Three days and I am in DC, NY, Philly, and Bmore. I will be doing site research for my swims in each of those cities. If you know of anyplace that is semi well known and that I could get maximum media exposure let me know. I have been training like crazy. I have increased the resistance exercises to get my back ready for the swims. Hey you swim in handcuffs and see what it feels like! I am getting excited. Starting to get media interest. I will post interviews and stories as they start happening.

Tomorrow I am going for my last long handcuffed swim in the bay before i get back east. I plan on not swimming handcuffed while I am back east thjis weekend. Just jump in the water and see what the conditions are like. After this weekend i will only have two weeks to get ready for my swims. Time to get excited.

An example of todays exercise:

200 Pushups
3 mile run
200 squats
10 handstand pushups
20 pullups
100 calf raises

Tomorrow I will focus on abs and swimming. Time to hit the rack. Sleep is at a premium. No sleep. No sweat.


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