Friday, September 09, 2005

Gotten all my permits. Working on getting boats to pilot me across the waterways. I am getting very close less than two weeks to go.

Swim was awesome last night. I swam the loop inside Aquatic Park in SF. 30 Minutes handcuffed. That was what I was doing last year right before I swam from Alcatraz. So my speed is about where it needs to be. I feel good no fatigue this morning. The water is getting colder. That probably won't be as much of a factor on the East Coast. Feeling good helps me know that I won't have a problem swimming four days in a row. Just hope my wrists don't chafe under the handcuffs. That reminds me I have to find a place in Washington DC to get some cuffs. Can't borrow any handcuffs here. Don't think that they are something that would get through security. Too many jokes there to even try.

Feeling like I am ready. Need to set up the Media coverage. Last year I had multiple print and TV coverage. I am going to do the same. I wonder Katie Couric has a Friday morning free to talk to a handcuffed man soaking wet from the Hudson. Funny last time any won to the water journey to New York was over hundred years ago. They didn't speak English and ended up in a tenement in the Bronx with no heat. But, at least they were smart enough to use a boat and not swim!
I of course am talking about my Grandfather and Great Grandparents. They all had diabetes later on life. My Grandfather had his legs amputated because of the disease. That still happens to thousands of Americans today. That’s why I am swimming. I am having a great time planning and training for this. But I can't lose sight of the fact that Children are now getting the same disease that my Grandfather got in his 60's.

TIME TO SWEAT! Hope you are going to sweat today! It's the only way to Escape from Diabetes.


Blogger Brooklyn said...


You could contact this guy:
Charles Olson

He knows some kayakers; they accompanied him and buddy on a 2.6 mile (round trip) swim to some abandoned island in NY Bay recently. He might be able to hook you up.

He's as crazy-insane-ballsy as you are.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Brooklyn said...


A media contact you could try would be Derek Rose - I think - he works for the Daily News and is a local elite runner.

I think I mentioned you in a Rundown I wrote a few weeks ago, so he's probably aware of you, if not any recent developments.

5:59 PM  
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