Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nobody ever drowned in sweat!

Just finished swimming. Saw a little of the NFL's first weekend. Reminds me of the advantage of exercising using your body weight rather than weights in a gym. What use to be called calisthenics? Yes, I did have to use spell check to spell calisthenics. With these exercises we incorporate more of our body’s muscles into the exercise. Compare a pushup to the bench press at a gym. In what normal endeavor do you in your daily life lie down on your back and push something in the air? But, you’re always going to be getting up off the ground using your whole body. You don't use your legs, your toes, and your pelvis muscle in concert with your upper body with a bench press. Pushups the greatest full body exercise ever. It has been around for since man started walking upright. Since the first caveman lay down on his belly to hunt for his families supper we have been pushing up off the ground. Whew glad that diatribe is over.

Back to swimming in handcuffs. Something I definitely don't recommend anyone does. But it grabs headlines. There is always the chance that I won't make it. Man found floating in Hudson! Swimcap and handcuffs!

Swam off of Tiburon for 30 minutes. The local bike riders were lined up at the coffee shop to caffeinate and exchange spandex cleaning recipes. Funny that you would ride a bike for two hours then throw a croissant and Latté down your throat.

Today’s entry is getting kind of bossy. I like that. Here is the deal people. Good healthy is a blessing and the majority of us have been not been working on our blessings. Forget the latest fad diet, the newest exercise. The most innovative exercise regime just discovered. It is all nonsense. Old fashioned sweat coupled with good quality fresh food (that means it doesn’t come in a package) eaten in moderation is all you need. People ask me. What should I do at the gym? I say,"Sweat! Lift until you can't lift anymore". That isn't what they want to hear. Here in the Bay Area people wake up early to drive to the gym, so that they can get on a Stairmaster for an hour. Insanity! Why not get up and walk to the top of Mount Tamalpais, Grizzly Peak, or Mount Diablo. Swim in the Bay. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. It's all there for us. We are shriveling up and wasting away. Strenuous exercise with healthy foods is all you need. I am hopping of my soapbox now. I didn't do enough pushups I still have to much energy.

Here is a thought. Start today. Any form of exercise will do. Start walking right now. How fast? If you aren't sweating you aren't working Sweat is mother natures way of telling us we are moving in the right direction.
The first time I heard this quote was May 1981. It is as true today as it ever was.
"Nobody ever drowned in sweat!"


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